My new book, Move Fast, is officially live!

Hi friend,

I’m excited to announce that my new book, Move Fast, officially launches today.

What is Move Fast?

Over the last fifteen years, every major aspect of our lives has changed because of Facebook. Relying on in-depth interviews with more than two dozen Facebook engineers, this book explores the product strategy, cultural principles, and technologies that made Facebook the dominant social networking company. Most importantly, I investigate how you can apply those strategies to your creative projects.

It’s not easy to build a software company, but once you know how to move fast, you will be prepared to build a strategy that benefits from the world’s rapid changes, rather than suffering from them.

What’s my give?

My publisher has agreed to discount the ebook version from its full list price down to $0.99 or equivalent worldwide for the first week of launch so I can share it at a reduced cost. If you’re more of a “feel the paper” type, the physical book is available as well!

What’s my ask?

Do NOT feel obligated, but if you have an active Amazon account, I’d be extremely grateful if you could buy the book and leave a review. Reviews are the most important factor in how many new readers the book is able to reach, and each one makes a big difference! 

Thank you so much for your support, I’m so grateful.



If you want to find who else is reading Move Fast, you can tweet this, and follow the hashtag #MoveFastBuildSoftware to join the discussion.